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A lot of people believe they have a story to tell, and want to write a book. They have so many questions and doubts, but they are unsure of how to begin the process. In these three workshops, the average person will learn how to write a book, how to publish a book, and how to market their book.

The I Want to Write a Book course is a three workshop course, perfect for anyone seeking the motivation and skills to write a book. Purchase the workshops for yourself or someone you know.

Steps for writing a book

Motivation to Write a Book

Step 1 in the process of self-publishing. Write for pleasure as a hobby or for a profit.


  • I can’t type.
  • I start to write a chapter, but next time I want to write, it’s something that should be in another chapter.
  • I start writing a chapter and I think of other things that should or could be in the book.

I’ve heard these statements many times from individuals who would like to write a book, but who are stuck in the idea phase.

  1. They have an idea of what they should write.
    1. Autobiography- A story about their life.
    2. Fiction-A story that isn’t true, although they might gather some of the ideas from reality.
    3. They might have started writing, but they are:
      1. Stuck on a chapter.
      2. Uncertain about the direction of the story.
      3. Concerned that their story doesn’t have a direction.
      4. HOW DO I BEGIN?
        1. I don’t know what to write about first

The Motivation to write a book workshop is the first workshop in the I Want to Write a Book course. After participating in this workshop, you will gain the confidence and skills begin witting and complete your book.

You will learn:

  1. how to become motivated to write your book.
  2. the different types of books, word count, and page count.
  3. how to find the time to write your book.
  4. how to properly assess and overcome writer’s block.
  5. how to write your ideas so that it becomes a sentence, a paragraph, a page, a chapter, and ultimately a book.

Self-Publishing My Book

Step 2 in the process of self-publishing. Self-publishing for pleasure as a hobby or for a profit.


  • I want to give my book to my friends and family.
  • I want to sell my book.
  • I want to give my book  to my friends and sell it to everyone else.
  • I have a handwritten, book. Can I publish it?

Self-publishing My Book is the second workshop in the I Want to Write a Book course. After participating in this workshop, you will be able to self-publish your books while determining which professionals you should hire to assist you and which parts of the process you can do on your own.

You will:

  1. learn the steps to a self-published book.
  2. learn about
    1. copyrights
    2. ISBNs
    3. typesetting
    4. editing/proofreading
    5. book formatting templates
    6. book cover creation
  3. assess your skill set to determine if you should do it yourself and/or which professionals you should hire to assist you.
  4. visit the websites for applications, self-publishing websites, and various book publishing professionals.
  5. begin the process of self-publishing your book.

Marketing My Self-Published Book

Step 3 in the process of self-publishing. Market your book.


I will help you understand of the four P’s of marketing your book: Product, People, Place, and Price.


  • Should I hire a book marketing company?
  • Should I hire a PR company?
  • Can I market my book on my own?

Marketing My Self-published Book is the third workshop in the I Want to Write a Book course. After participating in this workshop, you will understand marketing and advertising.

You will:

  1. assess your skills and determine which ones you can use to assist you in marketing your book.
  2. how to use your resources to market your book.
  3. how to hire professionals to help you increase your book promotions.
  4. begin writing copy and scheduling your book  marketing plan.

I also offer support services,  publishing and writing tips, to course alumni who want personal attention.




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  1. I’m ready to write these books, I enjoy writing each and everyday life, and things that happen! I been written for over 20 years, and I’m ready to go to the next leveal

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